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Meet the teachers

If you were unable to join the Meet the Teacher zoom or would like to review please click on your students class slides.

Future 2nd grade presentation.pdf

2nd Grade

3rd Grade Meet the Teacher 2023-2024.pdf

3rd Grade

4th GradeMeet the Teacher 2023-2024.pdf

4th Grade

SC PTC May 2024.pdf

Self Contained 6/7/8

5th grade - Meet the Teacher 2024-2025.pdf

5th Grade

2024 GRADE 6 PTC.May .pdf

6th Grade

7th Grade PTC Sneak Peek (1).pptx

7th Grade

Copy of 8th Grade PTC Sneek Peek.pdf

8th Grade

Amistad Parent Handbook

2023-2024 kindergarten english Parent Handbook.docx - Google Docs.pdf


EEAE and PCC June Webinars_.pdf

Spirit Days


NYCSA is the New York City Student Account for Parents.  This is your personal account.  You can view your childs, report cards, progress, attendance and print letters for tax purposes and much more.

NYCSA- Tax Letter.pdf

Slide tutorial- Print a letter for Snap or Taxes